Snow Event Updates

Current Snow Event (1/23/22):

Update 11:32 pm: We will be dispatching our trucks at midnight. We currently only have about 3/4″ but we will be servicing all accounts due to the lack of city plowing yesterday.


Update 11:35am: Our trucks went out at 8:30am this morning to find that the city was not plowing secondary roads. This snow event will now be completed as we await tonights snow. Thanks!

Update 12:52am: We are about half way done with this round. Our crews are making good progress. As a reminder, we will be cleaning up after city plow starting today around 8:30am.

Update 9:55pm: Our trucks hit the road at 9:45pm. We have 2-3″ currently.

Update 7:50pm: We will be dispatching our trucks at 10pm to plow all service levels.

Update 8:14am: Our trucks will be back on the road at 9:00am to do a final pass for city clean up.

Update 7:44pm: We started the second round of plowing about 15 minutes ago. We will make this pass tonight and then tomorrow morning around 7:30am we will make a final pass to clean up after the city plow.

Update 3:01pm: We are about half way through the first round of plowing. If you haven’t seen us yet, it should be within the next 3 hours (traffic could slow us down).

Update 12:14pm: All of our trucks have been dispatched.

Update 11:25am: We currently have about 1.5″ and will be dispatching our trucks around 12pm. We will be servicing all accounts and anticipate completing driveways twice throughout this snow event as well as a city clean up pass at the end.

  • Update 10:22am: We are approx. half way through the route. We anticipate most accounts being done within 2-3 hours.
  • Update 7:08am: We have dispatched our trucks and will now be servicing all trigger levels. Snow has accumulated to 1.5″ – 1.75″ depending on what side of the driveway you measure!
  • Update 5:05am: With the wind, our best measurement is around 3/4″ in spots so we will be dispatching our trucks to complete the 3/4″ customers.
  • Update 2:42am: Good morning! The snow starting about 1:30am and, to this point, we have not reached either of the two trigger points (3/4″ and 2″) to dispatch our trucks. Stay tuned. Current snow depth is a dusting.

Update 5:16 pm: We will be dispatching our trucks for the 3/4″ route customers. During this dispatch, we will not be servicing the 2″ accounts.

Update 7:15am: We will begin the city clean up round at 8:00am. This will be the last update of this snow event. Thanks!

Update 5:26 am: We have an hour or so before the first round is complete. The freezing rain has slowed us down. Once the first round is complete, we will make another pass to clean up after the city.

Update 2:16 am: We are about half way through our first round. We are experiencing rain now which is freezing on contact. The conditions have deteriorated quickly.

Update 11:20 pm: So far, we have received 1.75″ of snow and will be plowing all accounts. See you soon!

Update 5:55 am: We received 1.25″ of snow and will be plowing our 3/4″ accounts.

Update 2:00pm – With the anticipation of 6″ plus of snow, we have our employees coming in for a 4pm dispatch. We will be servicing all accounts.

Update 3:48pm – All trucks have been disptached. See you as soon as possible!

Update 5:40pm – All routes are 1/3 complete for the first round. We will begin a second pass as soon as the first round is complete. Snow accumulation is at 4.25″.

Update 7:42pm. – Crews are running into about 9″ of snow now. This is beginning to bog down the progress. All routes are approx. 60% complete on round 1.

Update 9:43pm – We are getting close to completing round 1 with approx. 90% of the driveways complete. Stay safe out there. The snow is really getting deep!

Update 4:38am – We anticipate completing most accounts by 7am for a second time. We will then begin the final pass to touch up anything that needs it and clean up the city mess at the end of driveway.

Update 10:58am – We are in the process of our 3 round of plowing with about 50% complete. If you have not been done a third time, we will see you as soon as possible.

Update 12:13pm – The 3rd and final round of plowing should be complete in about 2 hours. This will be the final update for this snow event. If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to continue using the email Thank you!