Frequently Asked Snow Plowing Questions

Do you come back after the city plow has come by?

Yes we do!  Anytime a snow event totals 2 inches or more, we come back to clear any residual snow left by the city plow.

Do you mark the driveway so the plow truck driver knows where the edges of the driveway are?

Yes, we come out prior to the first snow event and mark the driveway.  In the Spring, we come back and collect the markers.  We also send each driver out to drive their route before it snows so they get familiar with each property.

Can we get a hold of you during a snow event, even if its 2am?

Yes, we are always available during a snow event.  We monitor phone calls and email on a constant basis.

Do you shovel in front of the garage door if I do not purchase shoveling along with driveway plowing?

No.  You have to add shoveling to your service to have that done.

What happens if the driver hits my grass?

Though we do everything possible to not hit grass, it can happen.  At the end of the season, we assess any sod damage by driving our routes after the snow has melted.  If we find any sod damage, we repair it at no cost to you.

Will my driveway be opened up before I go to work?

Our goal is to have driveways plowed once by 7am.  This applies to snow that falls prior to midnight.  Our routes are set up to be completed in 6-8 hours depending on snow depth.  The higher the snow totals, the longer it takes us to clear the snow.  If it continues to snow and we have completed one pass, we will start our routes over and service your property again.  Keeping driveways open and doing it safely is our #1 priority.